2019 BRIT Awards featured Sennheiser’s technology

Sennheiser’s microphones and IEMs were deployed in some of the highlights of the latest edition of the BRIT Awards, the biggest live music awards show in the UK.

Colin Pink, sound designer and engineer of the BRIT Awards, chose for all the presenters and award winners the Sennheiser 6000 Series Handhelds with ME 9005 capsules: “They are the perfect choice when clarity and low handling noise are extremely important”. The London’s O2 stadium also hosted live performances by artists such as Hugh Jackman, Ms Banks or P!NK. These three performers used Sennheiser’s devices.

P!NK’s performance was the most impressive of the evening: the closing set of the awards lasted over 11 minutes and featured a descend from the venue’s roof in a gymnastic gag, pyrotechnics and even a rainfall.

P!NK used a 6000 Series transmitter with 9235 capsule. Dave Bracey, P!NK’s FOH Engineer, explains why the artist trusts these products: “The 9235 capsule on the 9000 or 6000 Series is more than just my ‘go to’ vocal mic, it has proven itself repeatedly with Cher, Adele and P!NK since the launch of digital transmission systems. Whether used with in-ears or on a loud stage, how the microphone deals with the inevitable spill is very important to me – a mic has to sound natural off-axis and the 9235 simply does. When I first started mixing, such excellent vocal detail was only achievable from high-end condenser mics for live events, so it’s nice to have a dynamic mic that delivers exactly what I need.”

P!NK walked through different spaces during her performance. Jon Lewis, monitor engineer, explains the performance of the 9235 under these conditions: “We were back at The BRITs with two of our favourites; P!NK as a vocalist and the 9235 Sennheiser as a vocal mic. A quality match indeed. Having to achieve a difficult RF task that day, it was great to have Sennheiser’s support at the ready to make us feel secure at critical moments. From her dressing room to high above the stage, we didn’t experience a single drop-out on her mic or her in-ears. As well as covering the distance, her 11-minute performance involved fire and, not only herself, but her mic and in-ears being drenched as well!”. The BRITs’ two monitor systems comprised 15 ways of 2000 Series IEM with over 80 packs.

The rapper Ms Banks, guest with Little Mix, chose an SKM 5200 with an MD 5235 capsule and 2000 series IEMs.