Advantech Wireless releases New Series 7000 Family of VSAT Routers


Series 7000


The new product family provisions Advantech Wireless A-SAT-IITM Bandwidth Optimized Satellite System technology, providing over 50% reduction in the satellite bandwidth, through dynamic transmission switching between multiple access schemes achieved by application and volume aware algorithms, literally serving any type of applications using:


• MF-TDMA (Multi-Frequency-TDMA) required for high variable internet traffic

• InterSKYTM-BM-FDMATM (Burst Mode-FDMA) ideally suited for video streaming, cellular backhauling and highly reliable QoS aware Trunking pipes

• CM-SCPC (Continuous Mode –SCPC) for always on, non- shared mission critical applications


The 7000 family of VSAT routers supports Star, Mesh and Hybrid architectures with dual modulator and dual demodulator units supporting any frequency band: L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka-Bands with multiple modem models available for different market applications and verticals such as Cellular Backhauling, SCADA, Broadcasting, Oil and Gas, Enterprise and Corporate, Maritime and Cruise Lines, In-Flight-Entertainment, Homeland Security, Consumer Internet, Military and Mobility.


“Our new Series 7000 family is an order of magnitude more powerful than its predecessors S4120/S5420, contains powerful multicore networking processor and supports over 200 Mbps/100Kpps on Forward Link and 20 Mbps/13kpps on Return Link of sustained data/video/voice throughput as these routers are also equipped with dual ASI inputs and outputs for direct MPEG2/MPEG4 video streaming that could operate simultaneously with IP bidirectional traffic” stated John Landovskis, VP PLM and BD VSAT and Modem Products at Advantech Wireless. “This is a breakthrough technology for VSATs and provides Advantech Wireless with endless applications opportunities for different market segments.”


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