Anevia and Infinitum Media join forces to launch the first on demand TV service for hotels

Today has been announced what we could consider the first on demand TV service aimed exclusively for the hospitality industry. Anevia, provider of OTT and IPTV software, and Infinitum Media, experts in delivery and licensing of on demand TV, remarks that hotels will be able to offer content over the internet through the existing coax or an Ethernet network connected to the rooms.

This service, accessible to hotels that already use Anevia’s technology, includes Infinitum Media’s portfolio with over 250 premium linear TV channels. Each hotel can select the desired channels according to their availability in their country and made them available to their guests instantly. In addition, the content package is flexible: channels can be activated or deactivated per month.

According to Julian Foxon, co-founder at Infinitum Media, “our partnership with Anevia is a perfect match since Anevia’s Flamingo is already deployed in thousands of hotels worldwide, with the ability to receive and stream IPTV channels. “Hotels want to provide a home-away-from-home experience that satisfies their guests’ needs. With Infinitum Media’s CMS, we offer TV channels that really matter to guests. As the guest mix changes, the TV channel line-up evolves accordingly, to match the changing requirements.”

“Thanks to the integration with Infinitum Media’s On Demand TV portal, hotels can now enhance the guest experience by offering a wide choice of TV channels from all over the world, with cleared license rights” Ivonne Prugnaud, Vice President Sales Worldwide Enterprise at Anevia, said.