Aragón TV uses VSN’s technology for its new playout automation system

Aragón TV bets on VSN’s technology

The public television channel from Aragón autonomus region in Spain has trusted in VSN’s technology for the supply, installation, configuration and implementation of a brand-new redundant playout automation system that covers its three TV channels: Aragón TV, Aragón TV HD and Aragón TV INT.


The contract’s main goal is to technically update the channel’s automation system and include new functionalities for the workflows’ automation, content management and integration of all the systems already existing at its facilities.



In particular, VSN has installed two VSNMULTICOM solutions with redundant configuration, in order to achieve the aforementioned playout automation system. One solution will be specifically dedicated to the broadcasting, whereas the other will be focus on the channel’s recordings. This way, the project guarantees a continuous broadcasting in the three TV channels, thanks to the parallel and redundant configuration that has been implemented to allow every single solution to work and operate independently.



Furthermore, both systems have been integrated with VSNEXPLORER Media Asset Management solution (MAM) and VSNEXPLORER Business Process Management (BPM) modules, in order to unify and control under one single platform all the media workflows managed in both playout systems and also within the television’s archive. Among others, there have been automated processes such as the media ingest coming from Traffic with associated Metadata and the transcodification, validation, archiving and content retrieving workflows once the media has been broadcasted.


Also, VSNEXPLORER MAM and BPM have been integrated with all the third-party systems already installed at the TV channel’s facilities, so as to centralize and automate all the workflows, media and metadata used by Aragón TV professionals. The main integrations that were specifically developed for this project were with DAC and Tedial archive systems, MAPA-GREC traffic system, subtitling from Anglatecnic, branding and graphic systems from Grass Valley and Vértigo, Aurora Quality Control and Harmonic videoservers.

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