ATEME and Eurovision Services tested a new watermarking solution during a recent international football event

Ateme stock image photo provided by Whiteoaks International

A major international football event in Paris, France, hosted in June 2019 an innovate trial on a watermarking solution that was promoted by the video delivery solution provider ATEME and the media services company Eurovision Services.

The proof of concept used an improved standard of the BISS protocol with dynamic rolling keys support for encryption called BISS-CA. It managed the In-Band assets and added forensic watermarking to mark each decoder output. This would have allowed broadcasters to determine the source of a leak, if it occurred.

“Together with ATEME, we have successfully shown that it is possible to enhance the security of live content during major events using an open, interoperable standard developed by the EBU. This, of course, is an asset for us as it will enable us to protect our client’s live content and ensure that it is only delivered to those who should have access to the content,” said Oscar Teran, Head of Technology & Development.

Julien Mandel, Contribution Segment Manager, ATEME added: “We are proud to assist Eurovision Services in demonstrating the protection of video streams delivered as part of international events. As a co-founder and early adopter of BISS-CA, we are expertly placed to propose different watermarking solutions to suit the needs of broadcasters and ensure their content is delivered securely.”

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