Ateme provides Solbox the ability to transcode video files with cloud computing resources using TITAN File

Ateme has announced that it has enabled Solbox, a provider of CDN and cloud computing solutions in Korea, to build a private cloud VOD transcoding farm serving OTT service providers.

The Korean CDN provider used Ateme’s TITAN File to transcode video files with smart allocation of cloud computing resources on an as-needed basis. Solbox is able to facilitate HD & UHD quality content for its OTT customers while also allowing them to watch their favorite shows from any location.

“Ateme’s flexible solution was unmatched compared to other vendors’” said SeungHwan Yu, Managing Director at Solbox. “Ateme’s Titan File MS met every one of our business and technical requirements, including the ability to achieve optimum video quality of H.264 HD and HEVC UHD, an API base workflow that made integration easy, and an OPEX model to scale as we grow. We now have a top-notch solution in place.”

“Viewers in the region are increasingly demanding HD/UHD content that they can view on any device,” said Boyang Ang, Korea Country Manager at Ateme. “Meanwhile, organizations are balancing these evolving viewer requirements with the need to move to the cloud. We’re delighted that our flexible solutions have helped Solbox achieve both these objectives, with deployment taking place only six months after our initial meeting.”

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