Atomos launches Sumo 19 switching upgrade at Inter BEE 2019 show

Atomos Sumo 19 monitor deployed during a shoot

At the Inter BEE show in Tokyo this week, Atomos has announced the release of a live asynchronous switching and quad ISO recording update for the Sumo 19 HDR monitor/recorder/switcher.

With AtomOS 9.2 for Sumo 19, up to five 1080p60 streams can be recorded simultaneously – four separate ISOs and the program out to the same SSD drive in Apple ProRes® or Avid DNx formats. This can now be done without the need to synchronize the cameras together using genlock. The channels can be switched in real-time at the touch of the screen and the resulting switched output recorded to the separate fifth channel, as well as output on either HDMI or HD-SDI. Each switch also signals a metadata cut/edit point that the Sumo 19 writes to the disk as an XML file. The ISOs can subsequently be brought directly into the NLE’s timeline with the edits already in place for tuning or re-editing. It is also possible to configure the touchscreen to respond differently to single and double taps, giving the choice between a hard cut or a dissolve being written into the XML file. This will in turn tell the NLE which transition type it should use.

AtomOS 9.2 for Sumo 19 will be available as a free download for all users from the Atomos website.

Puthiya Thalamurai T
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