Atomos presents the “world’s first” 8K ProRes RAW monitor-recorder

The Atomos Neon Cinema Series can now adopt 8K resolutions thanks to the 8K Master Control United. According to the company, it is the “world’s first 8K ProRes RAW monitor-recorder”.

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO, explain how the system adapts to Apple’s latest hardware: “We love delivering innovative, disruptive solutions for today’s progressive filmmakers and creators who demand high quality content. And to that end, we’ve once again collaborated with camera and computer ecosystem partners to deliver ProRes RAW at 8K resolution, which is built for the amazing new Mac Pro.”

Additionally, Jeromy has shown its fascination for the performance of the Atomos solution: We are blown away by the 8K ProRes RAW video recorded with the new Neon Cinema Series monitor-recorder. The detail is incredible, with enough resolution to reframe for 4K and 6K and even enable virtual multi-camera angles from one shot. And the RAW camera sensor data available makes ProRes RAW the ideal format for HDR workflows”.

The Neon 8K Master Control Unit will be launched in 2019.