Atomos and Roland simplify multicamera content capture

Roland V 8HD HD switcher with Atomos equipment deployed at a live production

Atomos has announced a new technical collaboration that facilitates the recording and monitoring of a HD live-switched multicamera shoot on the Roland video switcher. When recording a feed on an Atomos monitor-recorder from the new Roland V-8HD HD Video Switcher, uses can now trigger recording directly from the switcher.

The Roland V-8HD is a 8-input, all HDMI video switcher designed for HD live productions. When combined with any current Atomos monitor-recorder, users have “all they need” to monitor or record the V-8HD‘s output. With three HDMI outputs, professionals can connect up to three Atomos devices to trigger, monitor and record.

The record trigger is enabled by integrated Atomos protocols. It allows the V-8HD to start and stop recording via HDMI, in full HD quality, directly from Roland’s new switching deck. This solution can be applied to record live events, for education, worship, live streaming, corporate presentations, esports, and more.

“What we particularly love about the new Roland V-8HD is the all-in-one design and the unified, central control this gives crews when switching and recording live, multicamera content. The future of multicamera filming relies on lots of different technologies working together seamlessly. Collaboration and the joining of technologies is the best way to make multicamera production workflows work more coherent and more cost effect, so more content creators can film in this way. This democratisation of production is something we believe in strongly at Atomos, and our work with Roland on their new V-8HD switcher is an awesome example of this in action” said Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos.

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