Aviwest to release 5G field transmitter and encoder series in December

Aviwest Pro3-5G and Air3-5G transmitter / encoder

Aviwest, a global provider of video contribution systems, has announced its new PRO3-5G and AIR-5G Series solutions, which are to be released in December. Using the 5G versions of Aviwest’s bonded cellular transmitters, video professionals will be able to deliver live news, multicamera sports and events coverage “with greater efficiency and higher quality”, according to the press release.

“5G networks are expected to bring many improvements to the current bonded cellular transmission scenario,” said Ronan Poullaouec, chief technology officer at Aviwest. “Gigabit speeds and reduced transmission latencies are the initial advantages broadcasters can realize from 5G. Beyond the new capacities and services that 5G networks enable, our Aviwest field units will help to maintain a consistent quality of service and make the best use of 5G network performance.”

Aviwest’s flagship camera-mounted and backpack PRO3-5G unit features six embedded 3G/4G/5G modems that are compliant worldwide with a high-efficiency, patented custom antenna array. The AIR-5G also features a long-life internal rechargeable battery and a large set of audio and video interfaces.

Both mobile transmitter series leverage Aviwest’s SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which aggregates multiple IP network connections and dynamically adapts video bit rates according to network bandwidth fluctuations.

Aviwest has been involved in multiple field tests of 4K/UHD and full HD/HEVC video delivery over 5G since 2017. Teaming up with major international broadcasters and telcos enables Aviwest to test the real-world impact and performance enhancements of 5G on live broadcast video production using the PRO3-5G, AIR-5G and HE Series. The company has recently demonstrated this at a major tennis championship at Roland Garros in France and as part of the IBC Accelerator Program in Amsterdam.

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