AVT delivers MAGIC ACip3 Audio Codecs to radio NRW




Radio NRW being the framework programme provider for 45 local radios in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, is using the new AVT MAGIC ACip3 as central backup and distribution system.


If the main satellite link fails, two redundant systems in the central location of radio NRW in Oberhausen allow the distribution of the framework programme to individual or to all local studios at the same time.


The backup is implemented via an “Audio over IP“ SIP dial-up connection which is established automatically within seconds from the local radios‘ side in case of an alarm signal. To compensate different delays via IP between the individual local studios, all MAGIC ACip3 systems in the local studios – and with this also the Audio signals – are synchronised in time using NTP.


Via an integrated data channel additional switching commands can be transmitted from the central location to the local studios.


The central monitoring and management software allows a fast overview of the complete system status.


To ensure a flawless functionality in the – hopefully rare – case of failure, an automatic daily test of the backup path is executed during the regional times. Of course, a complete monitoring via SNMP is also possible.


As special advantage, all local radios can use their MAGIC ACip3 system as normal Audio Codec if no error happens.