AVT and EUROCOM install MAGIC THipPro Talkshow System at Radio Classique




AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH has delivered the new Talkshow System for Radio Classique’s studio in Paris. AVT’s local dealer Eurocom took care of the installation and customer support. Radio Classique is a national network which broadcasts classical music including live concerts as well as news with focus on politics. For the live interviews of political guests, the station needed a new telephone hybrid system.


“I was looking for a reliable product, robust, with great flexibility of features and very simple to install; So, I chose the AVT THipPro for these reasons; it has an excellent Audio quality and the function ‘Pretalk streaming’ is a delight for install the far end workstations. In addition, users adopt it in 10 minutes.” says François Cache, Director of Broadcast and Networks.

The MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrids System delivered to Radio Classique provides 8 caller lines which can be ISDN or VoIP lines – due to the Mixed Mode of the system, ISDN and VoIP can be used in parallel. With the HD Voice Upgrade, G.722 quality is available both for ISDN and VoIP calls. As operator software Radio Classique decided to use the MAGIC THipPro LAN Software for the studio and for recording workplaces the so-called News Desk Client Software with the integrated Pretalk Streaming function has been selected. The Pretalk Streaming function allows the Audio signal to be transmitted via the LAN network from the hybrid system to the operators’ PC. At the PC the user works e.g. with a USB handset/headset. The advantage is simply that there is no Audio cabling necessary from the hybrid, which could be in the MCR, to the user’s workplace. On top, Pretalk Streaming provides a recording function. In this way, the operator can easily record the caller as .wav file just by pressing a button in his News desk Client Software.