AWS Elemental MediaConvert now offers Automated ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate)

UI of AWS MediaConvert Automated ABR

AWS Elemental MediaConvert has added a new feature called Automated ABR Configuration, which automatically customizes the ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) encoding configuration for each source video. Automated ABR Configuration is available at no additional cost for MediaConvert jobs in the on-demand, Professional pricing tier.

When users create ABR packages they are required to carefully select the bitrates, resolutions, and the quantity and distribution of renditions. The ideal package configuration varies depending on the specific content being encoded, because the visual complexity of the content affects how the content can best be compressed. Automated ABR Configuration automates this setup and allows MediaConvert to pick the ideal rendition configuration based on a content classification analysis performed during the encoding process.

Leveraging Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) mode in MediaConvert to optimize the bitrate efficiency of each rendition, Automated ABR Configuration further optimizes the ABR package size by preventing redundant or overlapping renditions within each package. Users can get started with this feature by creating a new MediaConvert job from the AWS Management Console and enabling Automated ABR Configuration for a HLS, DASH, CMAF, or Smooth Streaming ABR output group. Like all MediaConvert features, Automated ABR Configuration can also be invoked via the API or any of the available SDKs.

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