Axon’s Neuron is a key player in the latest UHD IP OB Truck of Cloudbass

Axon technology implemented in an UHD IP OB Truck of Cloudbass

Cloudbass has decided to transform an existing OB truck from HD-SDI to UHD IP with the Axon Digital Design’s signal processing technology, which allows a fully IP workflow.

The company only needed five weeks to complete the upgrade of the 20 camera vehicle. Axon technology is now present in all the working areas with a full IP solution based on the recently launched Neuron Network Attached Procesor (NAP), designed to address the needs of complex IP and hyprid-IP enviroments.

The Neuron system, ready to meet industry standards by handling uncompressed SD, HD, 3G and UHD signals based on the ST2022-6 and ST2110 specifications, is completed with Axon Synview IP Multiviewers in the truck’s main gallery, with additional UHD processing for the final output path. An Axon Cerebrum monitoring and control system completes the integration.

Michael Beaumont, Cloudbass Technical Director explained the reasons why the Axon Neuron/Cerebrum solution was chosen: “From the outset we were looking for a future proof scalable solution we could use to effectively “add” an IP layer into ANY of our existing or future fleet. As soon as Axon showed us the initial ideas for the Neuron we knew it would be an exciting product. Our relationship is one of trust and innovation that allowed us to research and develop the build. We now have an outstanding product and concept that can be transplanted into ANY of our trucks. That will help us continually deliver our services cost-effectively for our clients and help future-proof our UHD services. The knowledge skill-set and determination of Axon has ensured that our partnership is a highly successful one.”

“The build was achieved by using a core infrastructure of seven fully populated Neurons
to provide IP Gateway, routing and processing” added Adrian Richmond, Axon’s Director of Sales for the UK, Ireland and Africa. “Neuron is packed with features like edge synchronizers and converters for processing streams before they enter the core router. It also offers an impressive 200 Gb/s and 64 1080p signals or 16 UHD channels with up to 80 SDI connectors, all in a single 1RU. By acting as a bridge between SDI and IP, Neuron allowed Cloudbass to decide what equipment it wanted to keep and what it wanted to replace. Anything that couldn’t be connected directly to Cloudbass’ new IP switchers could be easily channeled through Neuron and brought into the IP domain.”


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