AZAF adds the RTS ODIN digital intercom matrix to its OB van

One of the OB Trucks of AZAF with RTS

To meet its intercom needs, AZAF has become the first Polish OB rental company to offer ODIN, initially acquiring a 16-port matrix. Having made this first purchase, the company “was impressed” with the demand for ODIN from its customers. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, it was subsequently able to expand its offering to 32-ports, ensuring it could meet customer demand.

Studiotech Poland engineered the vehicle according to the design specifications of AZAF CEO Jacek Markowski, with the ODIN matrix supplied by Pawlaki Pro Audio. AZAF’s system facilitates the operation of four to eight cameras, and also includes four RTS DKP-3016 keypanels and a ROAMEO wireless intercom system.

“This is a small van, but it is a unique project for the Polish market,” noted Sebastian Pawlak, owner of Pawlaki Pro Audio. “As soon as ODIN was introduced, it became the obvious first choice for the van due to its size and flexibility.”

“This solution will guarantee us modernity and flexibility, which fits in with the concept of our new vehicle,” agreed AZAF’s CEO, Jacek Markowski.

Following its introduction, the OB vehicle has been constantly busy with a variety of customers using it for high-profile events such as speedway matches, horse races, reality TV shows, e-sports and film.

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