Baselight’s BLG metadata workflow provided efficiency to the production of “Uncut Gems”

Frame of the new movie "Uncut Gems"

The team of “Uncut Gems”, the latest movie from directing duo the Safdie Brothers, took advantage of Baselight’s BLG metadata workflow to speed the grade from dailies right through to final deliverables. “I actually graded the dailies on Baselight,” Van Der Cruyssen recalled. “We saved those precious settings in BLG files as a starting point for the final DI – that saved at least a day. The show LUTs were then created and adjusted through production so we had a solid base.” said the colorist and director of DI Damien Van Der Cruyssen.

As is the norm on productions of this scale, multiple deliverables were required: including theatrical, Dolby Vision, HDR and SDR. FilmLight’s Baselight’s ability to work in different colour spaces easily was “vital for efficiency”, according to the press release. “From the final grade, the straightforward colour space conversion tools in Baselight allowed the team to create the multiple versions.” Adds Van Der Cruyssen.

The movie tells the story of acharismatic New York City jeweller and gambler (Adam Sandler), and is set in the diamond industry of New York. It will be released on Netflix on 31 January 2020.

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