BCE presents Itstored, its new cloud storage solution

Promo poster of Itstored solution of BCE

Itstored is the new BCE’s highly secure cloud storage solution, fully compatible with the S3 protocol. This means that Itstored is compatible with most existing systems and applications, including Amazon Web Services™, Commvault™, NetApp™, Office365™, Qnapt™, Signiant™, Synology™, Telestream™ or Veeam™.

Itstored costs are not based on data traffic, but on the number of TB storage space used in one or two datacenters. As a result, BCE allows its customers unlimited actions to their cloud storage without any restriction or additional cost: upload, download, move, list, delete…

GDPR compliant, files will be hosted in BCE’s datacenter located in Luxemburg, which is monitored on a 24/7 basis. This solution is complemented with an optional file mirroring to a second datacenter located on the outskirts of the city of Luxembourg over dark fiber connection.

“Our recent move to RTL City in Luxembourg gave us the confidence to offer a solution which would be able to answer the needs of our most demanding customers in both media and non-media related activities. The two redundant datacenters offer both security and availability of the content” said Xavier Boschian, IS&T Director at BCE.

“Itstored can directly store videos, audio, pictures, office documents, projects, reports and any other type of files. While our customers were looking for a fast and reliable system, they were also looking for a cost-effective solution” added Jean-Alain Jachiet, CIO at BCE.

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