BITAM 2015. What do exhibitors have in mind?: AEROMEDIA




Interview with Argyrios Mitsakos


What will your company try to achieve at Bitam Show?

Our aim is to introduce our products and services to the audiovisual sector, in particular our group of experienced pilots, who work throughout the country.


What will you be presenting at your stand?

We will present our technical audiovisual equipment, including both full in-house manufacturing products, and other services that we provide to the film, advertising and television industries. Here are some examples:

– AEROMEDIA’s OCTOCOPTER “MOVIE DRONE”, with 4 arms and 8 motors (coaxial), with Ronin. It enables recording with different cameras such as Red Epic, Sony FS700, etc. (Maximum dimensions 14 cm x 22.5 cm x 19.5 cm)


– CABLECAM: The CABLECAM® system makes it possible for transmission systems to be incorporated to produce aerial video recordings legally and safely. It can be placed at a high point, for example, in finish lines, award ceremonies, or in places with large crowds of people such as concerts, demonstrations, races, etc.


– DJI hexacopter model S-900 with 6 arms and 6 motors. They are equipped with DJI Zenmuse stabilizers and Panasonic GH4 (4K) cameras.



BITAM 2015. What do
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