Blackmagic MultiView 16: “A monitor with a view”

Lab testing performed by Pablo Martínez



In this laboratory, we will analyse one of the products of the well-known brand, Blackmagic Design. We all know their products and more than one of us will probably have one at our workplace. The brand is characterised for offering equipment that is well worth the money. Personally, I believe that one of their biggest advantages is the R&D behind the brand, not to mention the constant innovation. We can say that many of the brand’s products are indeed focused on the professional market and not broadcast, but the dividing line is getting finer every day, and with the technological advances we are seeing, this line becomes very fuzzy. When we buy a piece of equipment, we need to know exactly what we will be using it for, what it will let us do and what determinants it may have in use or operation.





We have a MultiView 16 for this Laboratory. This 1UR device is made with aeronautic quality aluminium, and it is only 15 cm deep, which means that it will fit in any standard frame seamlessly. It weighs 2.3 Kg and has a consumption of 45W; so, it is really lightweight.


On the front, we find a built-in 1.5″ LCD screen displaying the operation status and the several settings menus, as well as a turning knob and a set of lit up buttons that let us adjust all the parameters and display settings permitted by the device.


On the rear side, we have 16 inputs with BNC connectors and a loop-out on each one, as well as a reference input, a RJ45 for Ethernet connection, a RJ11 as a RS-422 access port, a USB for updates and five outputs (an HDMI with a type A connector, two BNC for 6G-SDi outputs and two BNC for HD-SDI outputs), all active at the same time.


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