Bluefish444 and 7thSense partner for a projection mapping demonstration at NAB

Bluefish444 is partnering with 7thSense Design for a projection mapping demonstration at NAB

Bluefish444 have created a multi-faceted structure, which will be suspended above stand SL10021 at NAB Show 2017, and serve as a projection surface. Dynamic content will be projected onto the three-dimensional surface streaming from a 7thSense Delta Infinity Media Server. The Delta Media Server prepares content for projection mapping to almost any surface, and provides 4K 60 fps SDI video to the projector through the Epoch | 4K Neutron Turbo.


“Working with 7thSense has been an absolute pleasure and the Delta Media Server has surpassed expectations in quality and usability,” states Tom Lithgow, Product Manager, Bluefish444. He continues, “Bluefish444 are always looking to innovate and to demonstrate this innovation. The 4K projection mapping project for NAB Show driven by our Epoch card and the 7thSense server, is the perfect example of this.”


“The Bluefish444 range of products has been a trusted and reliable solution for many of our SDI-based applications, ranging from single channel HD30 to 8K x 2K 10-bit 4:2:2 at 60 fps,” explains Andy Robinson, Systems and Support Manager for 7thSense Design. “As an uncompressed playback solution providing pixel-for-pixel accuracy, we are able to showcase the capabilities of the Epoch | 4K Neutron Turbo with the highest image fidelity possible.”

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