Bluefish444 announce a new video over IP Software API for SMPTE 2022

The new Bluefish444 “IPConnect” API supporting industry standard 10Gb Network Interface Cards

Bluefish444 have developed and released an API supporting industry standard 10Gb NICs for SMPTE 2022 software de-encapsulation of SDI video.


With the media industry investigating the benefits of Video Over IP technology, Bluefish444 customers have increasingly asked for additional access to alternative interfaces from SDI I/O provided by Epoch hardware. The IPConnect extension for the Bluefish444 SDK will allow new and existing Bluefish444 customers to access video, audio and ancillary data via current and future Video Over IP standards. Access to this additional data is provided to the SDK developer through a lightweight, but powerful interface using similar architecture to the Bluefish444 SDK.


“Bluefish444 have worked hard to develop a seamless interface for our customers to access Video Over IP standards, without dramatic changes to their core applications,” said Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 Product Manager. “We are very happy to announce IPConnect, and to invite new and existing customers to explore how this interface will simplify their transition to IP standards of video and audio transport.”


IPConnect will initially allow Bluefish444 customers to capture from existing SMPTE 2022-6 video sources, across 10Gb Network infrastructure. This 10Gb network can be accessed via a standard, off-the-shelf Network Interface Card (NIC), allowing the use of existing equipment alongside Bluefish444 SDI video hardware. As Video Over IP standards mature, and new technology emerges, these future standards and protocols will be added to this interface.


Bluefish444 IPConnect supported features:

• 422 single link 1.5G SMPTE 2022-6 capture

• 422 single link 3G (Level A) SMPTE 2022-6 capture

• 16 Channel Audio Decoding

• RP 188 Timecode

• Additional Ancillary data


Bluefish444 will be giving a technical demonstration of the new IPConnect on stand 7.J07 at IBC Show 2017. Using the new SDK interface, Bluefish444 have quickly and easily added support for SMPTE 2022-6 capture into its IngeSTore software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and to the Bluefish444 Avid OpenIO plug-in.

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