Bluman Associated acquires the first pre-released gx 2c media servers in Europe

The rental fleet of the London-based company Bluman Associated has grown with some of the first pre-released gx 2c media servers in Europe.

This disguise’s technology features more GPU processing power, capture and storage than its predecessor, as well as 10-bit and HDR support. This translates into more particles, effects and richer scenes at higher resolution with smoother frame rates, as Bluman Associates has showed in the recent ECS Esports Championship Series – Season 7. The upcoming Bluedot Festival, which celebrates 50 years since man landed on the moon, will also deploy disguise’s gx 2c.

Bluman Associates joined the disguise partner network in 2016. The disguise gx 2c’s add to its existing fleet of gx 1, gx 2 and solo media servers available for hire, which are delivered in racks. The gx 2c’s power its first full 4K racks.