Broadcast Solutions announces Hybrid Broadcast Innovation Days 2020

Broadcast Solutions - Hybrid Broadcast Innovation Days

Broadcast Solutions pursues its well-known event series Broadcast Innovation Days with a three day hybrid Broadcast Innovation Day from 3-5 November 2020 with on-site meetings and online program. With the hybrid Broadcast Innovation Days the systems integrator is offering the broadcast community the possibility to get the latest news about OB vans, studios, remote production, IP or data management and get to know innovative new products and solutions, the company offers.

On the first day (3 November), Broadcast Solutions will host on-site events, open to the public, in its offices around the world (if the current situation allows this). During the two other days, the company will offer an online program with discussions, product presentations, innovations and one-on-one meetings.

This hybrid Broadcast Innovation Day (hBID) offers four different modules. Each one comprises another type of engagement and conveys a certain depth of knowledge.

 In Sessions, the company will cover a selection of landmark projects and top stories within the hBID. In 20-minute sessions, visitors can discover insights into the latest products and developments from the fields of systems integration, IP-based production, new concepts and designs for workplace concepts or innovative solutions for wireless data transmission during live production. Topics include:

  • UHD 2 – large 30-camera UHD OB van for HD BROADCAST
  • Ü3 – modular 6-camera HD OB van for WDR
  • The Collaborative Technospace – thinking the workplace new with innovative workplace solutions and sustainable workplace modules, which may be arranged in variable settings/constellations and diverse environments
  • Wireless Transmission – Live Broadcasting with new approaches in wireless signal transmission using the latest MESH network technology

With 15-minutes Hands-On sessions, Broadcast Solutions’ project and product managers will share their views on the newest trends in the business, presenting new products and key-turn solutions. The Roundtable format is the place to share knowledge in group discussions with a maximum of 25 people attending where the engineers of the company give more detailed insights into specific topics. The most intimate format are one-on-one meetings with individual people. Participants that don’t want to spend any more time in webinars and have specific topics or issues they want to talk about can schedule an appointment with one of the team members using the event platform.

People can register for the event using the event page: More information on schedule, time-slots and individual registrations for each session will follow soon.

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