Broadcast Solutions becomes authorised provider of BOS digital radio technology

Broadcast Solutions work

After intensive training by the company Selectric, several Broadcast Solutions employees are now certified specialists in the field of TETRA digital radio for authorities and organisations with security tasks. Digital radio technology plays a crucial role in the integration of various technologies in BOS units to ensure secure and reliable communication.

Broadcast Solutions uses digital radio technology, especially in the department of Governmental Communication, which offers wireless communication solutions as ready-to-use systems. A particular focus is on the integration of AV media technology, camera technology, interior design, workflow concepts and tactical communication solutions into any type of vehicle or fixed install for police, fire brigades or security agencies. Digital radio technology also plays a key role in ensuring smooth communication.

Components from Selectric/Sepura have already been installed in a large number of projects delivered by Broadcast Solutions. The specialists from Broadcast Solutions can now carry out the integration of these products in projects by themselves. Another focus continues to be on strengthening the service department, which carries out service and maintenance work on existing vehicles and systems.

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