JAA Systems Sdn Bhd (JAA.S) has sold the first-ever Calrec Audio console into Malaysia

Calrec Audio console in Malaysia


Just one month after being appointed as Calrec’s exclusive distributor in the region. The brand-new Brio console has already been installed and gone live at 24-hour news and information channel Astro Awani for use on news and chat shows.


“Although Brio occupies a small footprint and is easy on the budget, it is still a true broadcast mixer with the comprehensive feature set we need,” said Rizal Ali, senior assistant Vice president, technical operation-management at Astro Awani. “We had just six hours of downtime to switch from our old mixer to the Brio console. With the help of JAA.S, we were able to integrate the new console into our facility and bring it online very quickly.”JAA.S provides sales and service including 24/7 phone and direct on-site support.


Calrec’s new Brio mixer is a compact and powerful mixer that easily copes with more than its price suggests,” said David Chan, director at JAA.S. “Getting the first reference site in a new territory can be a challenge.


“With a broadcaster as respected as Astro Awani providing the benchmark, other broadcasters will gain awareness and confidence in the Calrec brand. I’m certain that further exposure to Brio and other Calrec consoles will drive rapid and meaningful growth throughout our territory.”


“We were confident that David and the team at JAA.S would be successful in introducing Calrec technology to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia,” said Anthony Harrison, international sales manager for Calrec. “We’re extremely pleased with how quickly and convincingly JAA.S was able to convey the value of Brio to potential customers and move forward with our first sale into Malaysia. With JAA.S on hand to provide local support, customers know they will also enjoy a high quality service that matches their console.”

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