Calrec Audio delivers two Summa consoles to Romanian channel Antena 1

It’s the first Calrec’s Summa sale into the Romanian market

Antena 1 has gone live with two new Calrec Audio Summa digital mixing consoles. The Antena 1 installation marks Calrec’s first Summa sale into the Romanian broadcast market.


“Our network is continuing to grow, and we’re continually adding new channels and new content, which means the number of audio sources is also growing rapidly,” says Sabin Cutas, executive director at Antena 1. “We needed a console that can keep pace with our busy and dynamic production schedule, and the Calrec Summas were the perfect choice.”


“The Summa packs powerful capabilities into a compact footprint, and its ease of use saves our engineers plenty of time and effort. And, of course, the Summa delivers the superior sound quality that Calrec is known for.”


Antena 1 is one of the most-watched tv channels in Romania

Based in Bucharest, Antena 1 is one of the most-watched television channels in Romania with a lineup of news, sports, and entertainment programs. In addition to the flagship Antena 1 station, the broadcaster also operates Antena 3, a 24/7 news channel, Antena 4 — Euforia, a lifestyle channel, and Antena International, a 24-hour channel for Romanian expatriates living in the United States and Canada.


Michael Reddick, Calrec Audio’s international sales manager for the region, comments: “We’re very excited about our momentum in the Romanian marketplace. As the latest high-profile broadcaster to sign on to Calrec and the country’s first Summa user, Antena 1 is committed to delivering a wide range of high-quality programming to its viewers.”


In addition to Antena 1, Calrec counts Pro TV, RDS/RCS, Digisport, and Romanian National Television among its roster of broadcast customers in Romania.

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