Laboratory test on the ColorEdge 318-4K monitor by Eizo

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Especially recommended for graphic production environments, when working with RGB or P3 colour spaces and where DCI-4K is a must. The high-performance monitor is capable of receiving and processing 10-bit signals, which ensures keeping all the colour nuances. Includes the ColorNavigator software by Eizo, that permits adjusting the monitor and selecting its operation mode   ...

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Sony PXW-Z150, the latest efficient and versatile handheld camera

4K, HD, HFR, XAVC, XLR, 3G-SDI, Wi-Fi, NFC, 1” Exmor RS, small size, balanced, lightweight, affordable… With this collection of labels, what else can we possibly ask for?   Author: Luis Pavía   The collection of specifications -lengthy, despite the array of initials that we shall now outline- is what we expect from a modern-day ...

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Sennheiser AVX-835, Maximizing efficiency and simplicity

Sennheiser AVX-835
Sennheiser AVX-835 on test Sound is one of the aspects that makes the difference in high-quality audiovisual productions. The product that we are presenting today makes technology available to us with two fully achieved objectives: outstanding results and maximum ease of use.   Before I go any further, let us briefly review some of the ...

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Wohler AMP2-16V

Wohler AMP2-16V Broadcast Magazine TM
Wohler Versatile audio/video proccesiing monitors This time we have decided to test one of the most versatile audio/video processing monitors on the market. It has been designed by WOHLER, a company with a wide experience on the broadcast market and which is constantly investigating and updating its technical equipment. In short, it’s a reference brand ...

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Tricaster 40


Tricaster 40

Continuing with the line of portable and affordable products, NewTek has widen its range of Tricaster systems of production and streaming with the new youngest product of the familyThe year 2012 has been a very active year for the Tricaster department of NewTek because they have completed a total renovation of the product range.

From this publication we have kept you informed of all the most important products as soon as we had the chance to analyse them. The new model that we are presenting today appeared in Europe at the beginning of October, shortly after its launching in the USA. It completes the range with this simpler and more economic version. Even though it is true that it lacks some of the features of its older brothers, it includes the main ones. Moreover, it keeps the standards of quality and reliability of all the family.

Until recently, a few years, the multi-camera production of a live program could only be done with a high budget spent on equipment and a group of professionals specialised on the different production aspects.

This scenario has been in constant change since the appearance of the first Tricaster systems, which simplified the process and made affordable this kind of productions with smaller budgets.
Since its creation, they haven’t stop changing and today they have reached a price-performance ratio that was imaginable a few years ago. As all the technology, the cameras are also more affordable. Furthermore, there are massive channels of distribution within everyone’s reach, like YouTube or Vimeo. It’s even easier and less expensive to have your own page on the Internet from which you can broadcast any content. That is to say, to become “storytellers” we only need talent, which is no small thing. But now the big sums aren’t included on the requirement list.
In this model they have decided to reduce some of the features of connectivity and functionalities to simplify all the system, to decrease the process power and consequently reduce the price significantly. The objective achieved with this measure is double: the client profits from this reduction because he can have access to products that were out of his budget before; and the production companies can offer high performance services with reasonable costs and this way, maintain its profitability.
But, let’s see what we are talking about and know which features remain the same and which ones were ruled out.

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