Channel 5 acquires Imagine Communications’ Platinum IP3 router

Russia Channel 5 TV Station in which Imagine Communications solutions are implemented

Russian TV Station Channel 5 has updated to a Platinum™IP3 router from Imagine Communications for its MCR and playout. The design of the Platinum IP3 eliminates a large number of outboard devices from multiple vendors, simplifying cabling and reducing power consumption. Channel 5 was already using an Imagine Platinum router, but continually increasing operational demands called for more inputs and outputs.

“We knew that the newest models of Platinum router, like the IP3, can host a huge amount of functionality within the frame, making system architecture much more logical,” said Sergei Volhin, technical director of Channel 5. “It meant we could do away with a lot of other equipment, making the installation neater and easier to understand. The new Platinum IP3 reduces the cost and complexity, maximises on-air security, and gives us the capability to quickly set up workflows and expand the I/O as our needs develop.”

The new 28RU Platinum IP3 router was specified, configured and installed by Imagine’s channel partner, MediaProject. The IP3 is scalable, and in its initial implementation, it provides for 576 x 1024 video I/O in SD and HD, with fully redundant routing and both copper and fibre interfaces. The router also supports 64 TDM audio slots, each carrying up to 128 audio channels.

The Platinum IP3 also offers video and audio processing “which in other systems would require large numbers of third-party devices”, as the press release notes. At Channel 5, all the multiviewer displays in the playout and master control area are driven by router-integrated Platinum SX Pro multiviewer cards. The router also integrates audio embedding and de-embedding with full level control, channel shuffling and extensive video processing.

The router project was installed and commissioned by MediaProject during summer 2019.

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