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Anyware Video


Anyware Video has released a solution, offering, all the premium channel functionalities, the reliability and the right operational ergonomics, in a compact powerful and cost-effective design.Whether it is deployed in its single box version to carry out mono-channel playout, or in a secured N+M redundant configuration to serve a multi-channel playout master control environment, OneGenie® will allow seamless play-out of SD, HD and UHD TV Channels.OneGenie®® is now deployed in SD, HD and Ultra HD.


Automated, operated and monitored through a web client, OneGenie® has been designed to guarantee fully distributed architectures, with remote operation and complete system virtualization. Thus not compromising with performance and security, since it can be set with 1+1 or n+1 active redundancy and provides complete range of broadcast quality monitoring (SDI, SNMP…).


In addition to the full control of the broadcast equipment chain (main & backup), the All-In-One automation application, controls the media transfers from nearline or deep archive to the Online, OneGenie® playout server. It also manages the purges tasks according to your preset rules, to guarantee the system performances.


Media can be retrieved from NAS, FTP, http or LTO tape library (through main API’s such as Front Porch®, XenData® or cloud based storage solutions).


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Anyware Video’s automation has been designed from the beginning to allow distributed and virtualised operations. It offers a multi-client and multi-user interface with very fine management rights. This approach allows operators to access every control and supervision screens and guarantees your maintenance team can proceed round the clock, on any critical point of the system configuration.User groups definition sets the rights of each user (operators, maintenance, management) simply and efficiently. Television Channels can, that way, share access to third parties for all or part of the system operation.


The broadcasted video signal can be internally DASH encoded to allow remote monitoring through the application embedded dash player.Alarms detected by the Monitoring tool, can be sent automatically via email to preventive (like corrupted or missing media) or curative maintenance staff.



All the media present in the playlist but appearing missing, are automatically transferred from the nearline or deeper archive defined in your online system. The progression bar for each transfer will appear next to the restoring media and can be managed from a dedicated page.Transfers can be managed manually through a dedicated interface in case of need such priority changes.





OneGenie® integrates dynamic onair branding module CastGenie. Widely deployed and adopted over many years by premium TV channels. Our Channel-in-a-Box solution benefits from its proven reliability and its advanced dynamic features. With nearly a hundred units currently in production, CastGenie module offers all the possibilities of OnAir graphic scenarios required by premium channels. Capable of integrating in SD and HD environment, the system is now fully compatible with the UHD standard.The graphics layers allows of simple element inserts such as, channel logo, morality logos and program bugs.They also manage complex scenarios and animations such as “coming next”, “forthcoming programs”, news feeds, tweets.


Highly configurable, rules in scenarios can be set to bring up objects, move or change them based on dynamic content (tweet, SMS, agency wires, …) or external action GPI, timing, message, text, values…


OneGenie® graphical functions also offer the ability to control a layer in “overlay” manually or via SNMP. This layer completely independent of the playlist allows last minute logo insertion or device switching.


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