Chrosziel MagNum MN-200. Affordable technology

Chrosziel MagNum MN-200. Affordable technology

This time around, we have tested the Chrosziel MagNum MN-200 wireless lens, a wireless lens remote control system with two motor channels and a sliding remote for the iris.

We tested it in combination with the Canon CN 17×120 lens, which we do not need external motors for, given that the MagNum controls the servos of these lenses digitally. The truth is that we can use this control for a great many purposes, from cranes, travellings or the popular gimbals. It is a fact that since the large sensor cameras have moved in on all types of productions, controlling our lens’ zoom, focus and iris remotely has become a necessity in the professional arena. As it is quite clear that operating these lenses in any other way would be simply unrealistic. This is of great assistance even from the tripod given the precision of its controls.


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