CIS Group marks its 30th anniversary

2018 sees CIS Group Corporation marking its 30th anniversary and, in line with this landmark year, there have been a wealth of exciting changes and developments for the organization.


Established in 1988, CIS Group’s mission is to establish a true digital media solutions integrator to serve the content production market. Covering both Brazil and the United States extensively, today CIS is considered a reference in the systems integration space as a result of its specializations in content production & post-production, solutions for tele-journalism, workflows for asset management systems, acquisition, shared storage, media services, graphics and multi-platform distribution on-premise or in the cloud. Throughout 2018, CIS Group has continued to expand its offerings of cutting-edge, innovative solutions via newly formed partnerships with companies like NewTek, TVU Networks, and SNS (Studio Network Solutions), among others.


As CIS Group continues to expand and develop its corporate strategies, it has also strengthened its skilled team with multiple additions over the last 4 quarters. CIS has welcomed Aldrin Gazio as Solutions Architect in New York, in addition to expanding the team in Brazil, which now includes Felipe Andrade as Director of Sales, Alberto Santana as Regional Sales Manager, and Felipe Domingues as Solutions Architect. Going forward, Felipe Andrade will be responsible for CIS’s sales presence in Brazil, leading the company’s efforts across multiple market segments, and Alberto Santana will focus primarily on regional markets. Felipe Domingues will be responsible for leading the company’s project design practice, complementing the sales efforts. This new team is based in a new office space that CIS opened in São Paulo in Q4 of this year, and will be supported by the efforts of Eliana Cordoba, Office Manager. With CIS Group experiencing such a dynamic period of growth and expansion, the industry knowledge that these new hires bring to the organization will play a key part in future plans of CIS and benefit both its customers and partners.


Beyond expanding its Sales and Projects teams, CIS also opened a new office space in Rio de Janeiro, which serves as the home base for the in-country Operations and Administration teams, both of which are led by Rafael Defaveri, Director of Operations. Additionally, CIS Group’s Professional Services team, led by Nuno Freitas, Senior Manager of Professional Services, underwent an expansion and re-organization in 2018 with two ultimate goals in mind. At the top of the priority list was enhancing CIS’s ability to address our clients’ needs effectively and efficiently. The company’s second goal was expanding our technical team’s breadth of knowledge in order to support our new product lines with the same quality of service that we do our traditional offerings. Last, but not least, CIS also expanded its technical team in Florida in order to support our growing installed base along the East Coast of the United States.


Needless to say, this past year will go down as a relatively transformative year for CIS. The company’s history encompasses a number of years that included a lot of evolution as a result of our team’s desire to always stay ahead of the curve. 2018 was no different in the sense that some of our evolution was driven by changes in our industry. On top of our expansion, we also made some operational changes in the way we do business. Most notably, CIS has reinvigorated its services platform, implementing an entirely new approach to its Premium Support offerings. “The company’s new mentality, as it relates to support, affords clients an entirely customizable program with a variety of options from which to choose, ranging from a simple bank of hours to a sitewide, 24×7 SLA. While factors like installed base and expected effort will continue to be considered, we feel as though this program provides more flexibility and optionality for us to cater to the needs of a wide variety of clients across numerous industry verticals, which we think is of paramount importance particularly as our industry faces such a dynamic, transitionary period”, said Matt Silva, Director of Corporate Development at CIS Group. In the spirit of enhancing the company’s services offerings, CIS is now also providing standalone consulting and workflow design services in order to work alongside customers and with the intention of maximizing efficiencies of their existing infrastructures and workflows.

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