Clubbing TV selected PBT EU to integrate interactive TV content in full HD

PBT EU nailed localization expectations required for Clubbing TV Russia

International channel Clubbing TV selected PlayBox Technology’s AirBox Neo from PBT EU to launch “Clubbing TV Russia” on interactive TV in HD. A twenty-four-hour lifestyle and dance music platform, the channel is now being broadcasted on RosTelecom with 25% of the playlist in the Russian language.


Clubbing TV produces interactive content including live weekend broadcasts for key titles such as “Live DJ Set” and “Clubbing Experience”. These shows are produced within a multi-camera full HD production environment and recorded in the best festivals and concerts worldwide and at Clubbing TV’s Paris studio.


Sales Director at PBT EU Alexander Stoyanov notes: “Interactive TV enables viewers of all ages and interests to find the content they want to watch. Furthermore, the multi-screen function means that content can be viewed simultaneously on different screens, without causing interference with others in the same household.”


“Our job at PBT EU was to ensure that the live feed was ingested and integrated into the actual daily playlist via PlayBox’ AirBox Neo, and then delivered to the viewers on time. The project is still progressing well across automation, back-up solutions and synchronisation tools. We are proud to enthusiastically support Clubbing TV in all their ventures as they continue to offer compelling and entertaining content for an exuberant crowd.


General Manager at Clubbing TV Nikolay Nachev explains further, “Our customers offer Clubbing TV to their subscribers, so we needed to guarantee that we could provide a solid and stable turnkey solution to over millions of potential Russian new subscribers.”  Adding further, “This is a tremendously important market for us, and we needed to feel confident that the final deliverables would be reliable and consistent, and at such short notice to meet high-pressured timescales we were up against.”


Stephane Schweitzer, Clubbing TV’s CEO and Founder goes on to confirm why PBT EU was chosen to broadcast their linear HD TV channel to RosTelecom in Russia, “PBT EU was the company that met our expectations by far, and they proved to be the most dependable and perfect choice for us. Their support team are highly professional, and we communicated with them daily throughout the migration and feed synchronisation across numerous servers in each territory.


PBT EU really made it so easy to set up AirBox Neo and it’s extremely intuitive to manage. Integrational interfacing with a third-party scheduling system was a real technological challenge, which PBT EU helped us overcome with sheer professionalism and know-how. We were in good hands and this project stands out as being a great success thanks to the expertise of the brilliant PBT EU team.”

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