Cobalt Iron is able to automatically manage cloud and on-premises resources

Cobalt Iron Inc. has announced that it has received a patent on its technology for analytics-based cloud brokering of data protection operations. The register is U.S. Patent 11206306, issued on Dec. 21, 2021. The patent allows Compass, the company’s SaaS backup platform, to optimize cloud and on-premises computing resources automatically.

The new patent is the answer from Cobalt Iron to the increase of the usage of the cloud. Security administrators, backup administrators, and other IT leaders are turning to the cloud and, really often, cloud resources are used efficiently. The new characteristics can adjust the use of these resources by IT operations (e.g., data backups or disaster recovery operations) based on operational behaviours and conditions (e.g., poor operational performance or cyber-events).

The platform will be able to monitor changes in various operational and security conditions associated with a cloud computing operation, analyze operational and security conditions to determine the optimal configuration of cloud and on-premises computing resources, reconfigure the cloud computing operation to utilize the optimal mix of cloud and on-premises computing resources, and remediate a condition associated with a cloud resource by initiating a data protection operation associated with that resource.

“Companies need to leverage the cloud responsibly. That is, they should use cloud services in a manner that is secure, cost-effective, and operationally beneficial. However, few tools exist to help companies optimize their cloud resource usage,” said Greg Tevis, vice president of strategy at Cobalt Iron. “Cobalt Iron continues to innovate in the area of dynamic, analytics-based infrastructure optimization, including the cloud. This patent discloses techniques that broker cloud and on-premises computing resources so that enterprises end up with the best combination of security, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for their cloud-based data protection operations.”

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