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The ColorChecker Video Chart is a convenient, small-sized tool that facilitates the work of photographers and professionals of the audiovisual world, whose final compositions will end up being subjected to digital post-production and whose equipment requires data in line with the standard rules.


One thing that must be considered with this type of tools is printing perfection. With its true grey and colour range, we can calibrate our equipment to ensure our work is impeccable, as can be seen in the signal obtained from this chart (Image 1). In a professional Waveform monitor it is very linear, which tells us that it meets the standards.

ColorChecker Video, broadcast

Image 1 (left) and Image 2 (right)


Let’s go back in time… This kind of tools or aids is by all means not new. When we filmed in 35 mm, these black and white lilies were used to help the person in charge of colour grading in the laboratory to reproduce the grey range contained in this chart. Logically, the image obtained in the positive was a true reflection of the illumination. This also applied to the actors’ faces, which the Director of Photography would have done on the set. In other words, it helped with the colorimetry of the subsequent grading process.


Look at Image 2. Here is a jewel that has been with me for over 40 years and I don’t think there are many more around these days.


These charts also existed in colour, but the black and white ones made laboratory work extremely rigorous in an attempt to not contaminate those pure greys.


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