Cooke S7/i full frame plus lenses have been chosen by Peter Chang for “Cuba”

Arri camera with Cooke lenses

Director / producer / cinematographer Peter Chang has decided to use Cooke S7/i full frame plus lenses at its new documentary film “Cuba”. Chang had first used the Cooke S7/i large format lenses on a project in early 2018, having tested them for giant-screen use on that project. Based on those results, they became frequently used lenses on the final and mostly narrative centric shoot in Cuba — the personal stories – while breaking with the IMAX and giant-screen standard of avoiding close-ups.

“Cuba is focused on the beauty, spirit and character of this Caribbean country and its people,” said Chang. “One of the primary stories in the film centers around a young ballerina. I was really looking forward to using the Cookes as we knew we would be shooting on stage with challenging theatrical stage lighting, and breaking that sort of giant screen IMAX norm of not having any close-ups. That’s exactly what we did — shot some close-ups of her face, which came out beautifully.”

Chang, and his co-DP Justin Henning, had the full set of 12 lenses at their disposal, though they primarily used the 18mm. “I teamed the Cooke S7/i lenses with the ARRI ALEXA LF camera, which is a phenomenal combination,” said Chang. “It gives me a very cinematic and dreamy look — very smooth and gentle, but still crisp and sharp. Cooke lenses have always been very flattering with faces and people, so for the portrait-oriented sections of the film this pairing was magical” the creator added.

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