CP Communications releases app-based streaming initiative

CP Communications expert at his workspace

CP Communications is taking steps to help local organizations maintain communication with their communities in throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Leveraging a special mobile journalism (MoJo) app developed by partner Mobile Viewpoint, local businesses, governments, houses of worship and non-profit organizations can live-stream important services and messages to their customers and communities.

In addition to bringing communities and local organizations closer through MoJo, CP Communications will offer backend services from at-home production facilities in Florida and New York to incorporate graphics, translations and other services to ensure messages reach the widest possible community audiences.

“The ability to communicate important information rapidly and accurately, regardless of the user’s chosen technology or platform, is paramount in these uncertain times,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications. “One of the simplest and most affordable ways to achieve these is through the power of mobile devices and the Internet. We have introduced this special service to help organizations deliver press conferences, city council meetings, company announcements and worship services to their communities at a low cost and without technical burdens.”

The MoJo app has long been available to help journalists and content contributors cover breaking news, interviews and live events by turning smartphones and tablets into content acquisition systems. The system uses Mobile Viewpoint’s H.264 codec to encode live video and stream to multiple platforms, including social media outlets and control rooms. Users have the flexibility to connect external cameras (such as a GoPro), and manage and monitor streams in the cloud using Mobile Viewpoint’s LinkMatrix control and management center.

The MoJo app directs users to the Webstreamur platform to login once installed on a mobile device. Live streams begin automatically upon clicking the “Live” button, along with supporting applications such as location-based push messaging and text chat functions.

“We utilize a secure data center at each location where we can control, manage and schedule content on behalf of the user if needed,” said Heitmann. “The app is a free download, and the user requires no investment in on-site equipment or facility infrastructure to capture and stream live video. We are available to add or assist with any services needed to help these organizations cost-effectively communicate important and timely messages to their local communities.”

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