Dalet announces a new enterprise orchestration solution

Dalet Orchestration is designed to integrate content pools and automate workflows across different verticals

Dalet has announced Dalet Orchestration, an enterprise media management solution designed to integrate content pools and automate workflows across different verticals – such as programs, promos, news, sport, lifestyle and more. Dalet Orchestration provides tools to automate and optimize workflows from acquisition to production and distribution of content to multiple broadcast platforms and publishing systems. Delivered with Dalet Report Center, the solution offers critical analytics specifically tailored for media operations, allowing management teams to measure performance throughout the chain and build data-driven strategies.


“The complexity in the production and distribution chain continues to rise as facilities strive to improve productivity while pursuing new avenues of revenue. More than ever, media organizations require genuine freedom to adapt fast to changing business models and to grasp new opportunities by creating new content experiences,” says Arnaud Elnecave, vice president of marketing, Dalet.


“They need to become more agile and build an enterprise solution that connects internal content sources to the whole of the business, disintermediates the content chain, enables efficient multiplatform distribution, streamlines user workflows, standardizes technical processes and provides visibility throughout the chain in order to optimize performance and build data-driven strategies. This is what the Dalet Orchestration solution has been designed for.”


Dalet Orchestration doesn’t substitute existing MAM systems, but rather integrates them to access the media assets they hold and facilitate coherent enterprise-wide workflows.


The Dalet Orchestration solution comes with a wide range of out-of-the-box connectors, from industry standards to custom-built partner technology integrations. These integrations range from simple connectors for file-based exchanges with applications such as file transfer engines, HSM, QC, media transcoders and content analysis; to complex adaptors for asset-based exchanges, enabling bi-directional communication with systems such as PAM/MAM/DAM, CMS, OVP, NRCS, graphic systems, traffic, scheduling and billing. For the more tech-savvy organizations, the Dalet Galaxy WebServices API allows for any ad hoc integration to be developed in-house or by a contractor.


Orchestration enables to combine in a single workflow a mix of processes that use dedicated, on-premise resources and processes that consume Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The framework is also ready to connect new types of services such as artificial intelligence (AI) models that need to be driven with context and feedback.

Showcased in preview at NAB 2017, Dalet Orchestration garnered a NewBay “Best of Show” award for its groundbreaking innovation, feature set and performance in serving the industry.
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