Dalet will showcase its new technology at CABSAT

CABSAT attendees and Dalet customers can see the following new advancements at the Dalet stand:


Content Discovery

Developed for the Dalet Unified News Operations solutions, this new module sets the framework for a new generation of editorial experience, recommending to the journalists and producers a selection of content readily available on the platform that matches their assignments or work in progress.


Social Media Framework

Dalet has developed a comprehensive social media framework within the Dalet Unified News Operations solution that enables journalists to analyze, produce and deliver fast-paced news on social media platforms. The latest addition to this framework, the Dalet Social Media Panel, gives editorial teams a synthetic view of all their posts, including simple analytics to understand popularity of their posts in the blink of an eye, allowing journalists and news directors to better fine-tune and deliver content to targeted audiences, ultimately augmenting engagement.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity 

Dalet has introduced a new line of solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Designed to enable existing Dalet customers to continue their operations in the event of planned maintenance or disaster, Dalet Business Continuity solutions can be available within minutes, providing access to an independent back-up production system, hosting selected content from their primary Dalet platform.


Deeper Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The recently updated HTML5 Dalet Xtend panel connects Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC users to the Dalet Galaxy platform, providing a direct gateway to shared assets and facilitating greater collaboration with the rest of the users on the Dalet Galaxy platform – such as journalists, prep editors, sports producers and other production personnel.


Editors can save projects or sequences as assets in Dalet Galaxy, and share them with other Adobe Premiere Pro editors connected to Dalet. New features and capabilities include support for multi-sequence export, locator inheritance, configurable metadata forms for exporting content and support for “while” scenarios when exporting from Adobe Premiere Pro.

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