We tested the Dejero’s mobile video transport suite

Lab testing performed by Pablo Martínez

In this new edition, we shall analyse the EnGo mobile transmitter and some of the products that make up the video transport suite offered by Dejero.


First, allow us to set the scene. Dejero, a Canadian company, with headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, was created in 2008 with a clear, distinct vocation of wanting to offer global solutions for transmission, reception, dissemination and management of broadcast signals over IP networks. With a marked proactive character and the market on the basis of the demand for this type of technology, it positioned itself quickly as a benchmark for this kind of segment, backed by the multiple operators that trusted in this manufacturer with results that could not have been any better.


Nowadays, Dejero unifies all its video transport solutions in one place, including equipment, software, and connectivity services—all managed in the cloud, and back with industry-leading support— adapting and tailoring dissemination of content to the actual needs of the end user.



For this laboratory, we had an EnGo mobile transmitter with its associated receiver, as well as additional transmission and dissemination elements also made by Dejero. So, we were able to assess first-hand all the possibilities that the Dejero video transport suite has to offer.




As a brief description of the parts we used:

We had an EnGo, a compact and modular mobile transmitter that encodes high-quality video and transmits over multiple IP networks to deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency, even under challenging network conditions. It is so versatile; it can be mounted on a camera, a wearable system -like a backpack- or in a vehicle. EnGo is ideal for newsgathering, sports coverage and live events from remote locations and even where traditional systems do not reach. Its start up and automatic video input and format detection enable fast set up so you can be up and running in no time.


The interface is simple, intuitive and provides confidence monitoring, status information and easy operation. Mobile, Wi-Fi and portable satellite connectivity from a compact transmitter enable you to reliably broadcast from virtually anywhere. You can even broadcast live while moving. Blending up to eight network connections, EnGo offers an exceptional picture quality with low latency even in challenging bandwidth conditions. Dejero’s cloud-based  management system, permits geolocating, monitoring performance, remote control, previewing feeds and routing your content via a web browser.


The modem models are optimised for each region. They are interchangeable with other regional modules and upgradeable to make the most of the advances in mobile networks. The SIM module facilitates the use of local SIM cards when travelling and it is an extremely easy operation. Dejero’s patented network blending technology, and the proprietary adaptive bitrate encoding offers added elasticity of the signal and a superior picture quality. Low energy consumption with a high-performance processor designed to deliver high-quality video with a longer battery life. Selectable latency: 1.5/3.0/8.0 seconds or custom default from 0.8 to 20 seconds. The ascending latency mode offers the shortest latency available according to the network conditions.


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