DeltaLive takes delivery of a substantial stock of Riedel’s range of products

This the first step in DeltaLive’s ambition to become the UK’s premier communications company

For DeltaLive, this is a new and exciting partnership and is the first step in its ambition to become the UK’s premier communications company and a Riedel powerhouse.


“We have had a specialist in-house communication department for over 20 years now,” says Delta’s Paul Keating. “As live events communications have grown and clients’ needs and expectations have changed, we have anticipated their requirements and adapted and invested accordingly. Investing in Riedel is part of that process. It’s a great fit for us and we’re really looking forward to supporting both existing and potential Riedel users around the world.”


“We’re also excited about getting behind the product range on our own projects and to developing our relationship with Riedel. The company is ahead of the technology curve and produces some really interesting and important products for our industry, including those for the live events, broadcast, sports, cruise ships and corporate markets, in all of which DeltaLive has extensive experience.”


Delta now stocks the majority of Riedel’s product line, including the Artist Communications Platform, Bolero wireless intercom and MediorNet. Separately, Delta has also invested in the latest Tier 3 radio products.

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