disguise’s vx4 media server is now shipping

The new vx 4 server of disguise, ready to play up to four times uncompressed 4K60 using its NVME RAID drive away, is already shipping. The technology won the Installation Best of Show 2019 Award at 2019 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). Other features of the nx4 server are the capability of playing lossless 10-bit video and capture either 16 3G-SDI sources or four 4K sources.

Disguise’s latest release supports HDR content and colour profiles. According to the press release, “offers users a choice of content quality using industry recognized codecs, from delivering high quantities of compressed content to the higher visual fidelity of uncompressed image sequences”. It has more network bandwidth that its predecessors, with dual 25GbE and dual 10GbE ports.

It also presents a cross-braced stiff chassis, isolated core components and a hi-res OLED front panel. Furthermore, vx 4 uses disguise’s VFC technology (HDMI 2.0 VFC cards), which permits operators to output DVI, DisplayPort, SDI or HDMI without changing the system; and mix signal formats and resolution types in the same project with “guaranteed near-zero latency”.

This is how Sarah Cox, Director of Community at disguise, sums up vx 4’s technology: “High dynamic range and 10-bit pipelines offer more clarity, more image detail and more flexibility on what can be brought out of the image after shooting. Media servers are now part of the conversation about colour space and can perform an essential role in HDR workflows. At the top end of the spectrum this involves being able to support 10-bit, uncompressed image sequences, live HDR cameras and performing colour space conversion on the fly”.