Dorna Sports uses Viz Arena to deliver virtual and augmented reality graphics

Moto GP Championship enhanced with Viz Arena Graphics

MotoGP™ is currently delivering “cutting edge” graphics to its audience using Viz Arena software from Vizrt. Viz Arena provides sports coverage during live broadcasts with virtual and augmented reality graphics added over stands in a stadium, beneath players on the field, or in the case of MotoGP, on the infield of a race track. The technology enables tracking of cameras in real-time, based on the video feed only; and makes it possible to apply virtual graphics from the studio.

Dorna, the exclusive commercial and TV rights holder for MotoGP and other leading motorcycle racing championships, began experimenting with Viz Arena at the end of the 2019 season. Despite rollout plans being delayed by the pandemic, MotoGP returned to screens in July with Viz Arena being used from the start on the live broadcast.

“Our fans crave real-time data during races that help tell the story unfolding on the track. It’s as important as the race itself,” said Sergi Sendra, Senior Director, Media Content, Technical and Production Departments at Dorna. “Viz Arena helps us deliver that in a visually compelling way that brings even more excitement to our viewing audience.”

“Virtual graphical enhancements can be applied through Viz Arena to any sporting event,” added Jonathan Roberts, Global head of Vizrt Sports. “The calibration process and the graphical workflow is simple with minimal training for operators.”

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