DTC Broadcast employs a complete wireless system for the Hankook 24hr DUBAI

The Hankook 24h Dubai endurance race, hosted at the Dubai Autodrome (United Arab Emirates), has been broadcasted thanks to DTC’s wireless technology.

The DTC broadcast systems, specified and supplied by Studio Hamburg MCI to 0221 Mediagroup, included SOLO7 OBTX and SOLO 7 Nano amplifiers with PRORXD 8-Way receivers that allowed the technicians to coverage the whole circuit through to the use of a cherry picker. This system was previously tested in the Silverstone circuit.

The SOLO7 OBTX devices are compact COFDM digital video transmitters. Some of them were placed in a select numbers of cars with 1W amplifiers along with an installation of “low-profile, omni-directional Domo antennas”. The SOLO7 Nano items are even smaller, being defined DTC  as “ultraminiature COFDM power amplifier designed specifically for small, discreet applications”.  The system is completed with the PRORXD receiver/decoders, which provided “by an extremely flexible decoding platform”.