EBS announces EPG contract with Viasat World

EBS has announced a major contract with Viasat World, which sees EBS providing EPG services deployed across 47 territories, for 22 channels in 20 languages. EBS’ flagship scheduling system Pawa, which will be used in-house, will provide Viasat World’s expanding portfolio of operators and partners with localised press listings, Highlights and EPGs as well as high-res images and quality metadata.


EBS’ Pawa EPG scheduling system drives each channel’s schedule from a programme library, which stores all manner of metadata, from basics such as the title or the synopsis of the programme, to more enriched data such as cast or director. By storing compliance information alongside this metadata, Pawa provides Viasat World with a local, central, searchable store to ensure that programmes that shouldn’t air, don’t air.


Vice President of Viasat World’s Products and Channels, Karin Heijink, comments: “This new system represents an important milestone in our new company’s mission to become a modern, innovative global broadcaster.” And she adds: “We have exciting plans to expand our business and what really impressed us about the Pawa technology was that as we grow, this system grows with us.”


“We’re very excited to be working with such a well-respected brand,” adds Keith Bedford, Managing Director, EBS. “The industry has changed significantly in recent years and the role of EPG data has changed with it. It’s imperative that content is clearly and concisely presented to reflect the channel’s brand worldwide for any platform with eye catching imagery that draws in viewers. It’s also essential that media companies ensure that their local facilities can deliver correct translations with colloquial conversation for all demographics as well as meeting strict compliance regulations. Pawa does all this and more.”

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