Elenos Group will officially launch the opening of Itelco America at NAB

Itelco America will be demonstrating a 4K program using the new ATSC 3.0 standard

Following the purchase of United States firm Broadcast Electronics, Elenos Group will officially launch the opening of Itelco America at the 2018 NAB Show, which runs from April 7–12 in Las Vegas. Both BE and Itelco America will be present on booth N6106.


Located in Quincy, Illinois, Itelco America, the new U.S.-based operation of Italian television manufacturer Itelco Broadcast, part of the Elenos Group of companies, will be demonstrating its advanced product capabilities with a live, end-to-end demonstration of a 4K (Ultra High Definition) program using the new ATSC 3.0 standard at booth N6106.


On booth N6517, Itelco Broadcast will exhibit its extensive product portfolio, which includes UHF and VHF systems, offering low- to high-power levels and air and liquid cooling. In addition, the company has recently developed a new advanced digital exciter MEX II that accommodates the ATSC standard. The exciter produces ATSC 1.0 signals and is switched to 3.0 with a simple command. The fully digital exciter is also available for most worldwide DTV standards and can in addition produce analog TV standard signals. It features adaptive pre-correction functionalities to provide the highest quality signals at maximum transmitter output power and efficiency, and with minimal out-of-band products.


“It is exciting to be able to demonstrate a UHD broadcast for the attendees at NAB. Many televisions today are 4K capable, but there is little 4K content available so far, and until the ATSC 3.0 standard came along, it wasn’t possible to broadcast it through a 6 MHz TV channel,” said David Neff, vice president of business development for Itelco America. “So many people haven’t seen true 4K. We are happy to show broadcasters one aspect of what this important new standard brings them.”

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