Embrionix unveils emVIRTU All-IP core infrastructure & SD-up-to-UHD All-IP media processing platform at NAB Show

Embrionix's emVirtu halffull solution

Embrionix is unveiling its new emVIRTU IP-to-IP media processing and core infrastructure platform at NAB Show 2019, booth N2508. The emVIRTU’s high-density, 1RU frame is packed with serious IP media processing power for mission critical and SD-up-to-UHD All-IP media production environments  ̶  with a design that allows users to minimize energy costs and cabling while optimizing space.

For UHD environments, the emVIRTU is designed to offer up to 64 x IP processing functions from its small footprint. Or for HD environments, up to 256 x IP processing functions in the 1RU frame. Users could choose from a combination of:

  • SMPTE ST 2110 up/down/cross converters with de-interlacers
  • SMPTE ST 2110 frame synchronizers
  • SDR-to-HDR/HDR-to-SDR converters
  • Color correction processing engines
  • 16x UHD Multiviewers with 16 inputs.

UHD and HD could be used simultaneously.

Control, synchronization and data use the same interface, minimizing cabling. Aggregation bandwidth reaching up to 1.6Tb/s allows broadcasters and other users to produce high-resolution UHD, HD, 3G content efficiently and without constraints.

With passive connections between the IP-to-IP processors and aggregation ports, there is virtually no point of failure. Users can build their processing power modularly as their needs grow and change  ̶  adding virtualized processing functionalities such as frame synchronizer, down converter, up/down/cross converter, multiviewers, quad links-to-single link UHD, SDR-to-HDR converters and color processors.

The platform will be introduced for the first time at NAB 2019.

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