ETC launches fos/4, a new family of panel lights

The three devices of the new fos4 family from ETC

Developed since 2016, ETC has announced its latest product: the fos/4 panel light family, which is now available.

Each of the three panel sizes (small, medium, and large) delivers “unrivaled brightness” in two array options. The Lustr X8 array adds a deep red LED to its mix, enhancing skin tones and giving depth to blues, greens, and ambers. The Daylight HDR is a tunable white light array that, using a calculated selection of LEDs from the X8 color system, delivers natural warmth when rendering skin tones and is optimized for output in cooler temperatures. These soft lights offer a wide range of brightness, and selectable CCT between 1,900 – 10,450 K.

The full-color screen and tactile encoders on the user interface were designed with the cinematic workflow in mind. fos/4 gives nuanced color control from the full-spectrum color picker within the UI. Users can deploy the Tune function to choose brightest, best spectral, or a hybrid of the two. In addition, they can save their customized color palette to one of the many programmable presets.

Regarding the design of the fos/4, features include the Griprail, a bracket that acts as a mounting location for the fixture as well as for the numerous accessories found on a shoot; NFC configuration from a mobile device, Multiverse Wireless control from a console using City Theatrical’s Multiverse transmitter, and a suite of effects such as emergency lights, beacon, camera flash, and party.

Like all ETC products, fos/4 panels are made in the United States, come with a fixture warranty and a 24/7/365 customer support promise.

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