Eurosport uses the new auto mix solution LAMA AutoMix at Roland Garros

AutoMix solution developed by LAMA and deployed at Roland Garros

Eurosport has started using LAMA AutoMix, an innovative auto mix solution created by Dutch software start-up LAMA (Lean And Mean Audio). This brand new tool takes advantage of virtual machines and Ravenna / AES67 AoIP.  

LAMA AutoMix is an intelligent software solution that allows broadcasters to combine multiple audio signals and automatically create a well-balanced mix. Signals from commentators, international sound and video sources are mixed in real-time into a single output that meets industry standard levels.

Broadcasters like Eurosport often need to increase and then decrease the number of audio feeds. For events such as the Olympics or Grand Slam tennis tournaments, like Roland Garros, they need to allow for multiple concurrent feeds, with commentators in various languages. But once the events are over, they need to be able to easily scale down the number of feeds. With a traditional hardware setup, it is much harder to scale up and scale down. Eurosport were faced with an extra challenge when commentators had to work remotely due to COVID. The scalability that a software solution provides was key in responding to these challenges. That’s where AutoMix played a relevant role.

AutoMix can run on any standard computer hardware with an ASIO driver. It has also been optimized to run on virtual machines (VMs), using the Ravenna / AES67 driver from Merging Technologies. The flexibility of using AoIP in this software solution also allows for multiple inputs from various locations. This means commentators can be in separate booths or even different locations, like their home, which is essential with strict COVID restrictions in place for the foreseeable future.

According to Lama, the results from Roland Garros have proven that this solution “delivers a brilliant listening experience, simpler, faster, and more efficiently”. Furthermore, the company has remarked its will to “continue to work with partners like Eurosport to develop new solutions for the broadcast industry. The LAMA team can provide a fast turnaround for additional requests and are always looking to improve the solution for their customers”.

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