Faber/NEP upgrades fly-away kits with integrated solution from Grass Valley

Faber Audiovisuals required the latest equipment for its new fly-away kits. Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, worked with Faber to provide a fully integrated solution. The fly-away kits are now equipped with an LDX 86 WorldCam camera, GV Korona K-Frame V-series 2M/E production switcher and Densité 3+ FR4 Frame, along with all related software and hardware for complete integration.


“As our productions take place outside a studio to capture sports, music and corporate events where they are happening in real-time, the new K-Frame V-series platform, when paired with the GV Korona switcher panel, offers a great combination of power, flexibility and scalability, fitting well in locations where space is limited and providing the Grass Valley high-end performance at an affordable price,” stated Cees Jan Faber, CEO of Faber Audiovisuals.


The GV Korona K-Frame V-series system is suitable for smaller applications including fly-away kits, sub-studios, mobile environments, corporate, sports venues, educational, government and houses of worship production facilities.


The V-series frame is a complement to the GV Korona switcher panel. Paired together, the 36×18 matrix supports SD, HD and 4K UHD in quad split and 2SI modes and can handle up to three licensed M/Es and two additional video processing engines (VPEs) for added keying and mixing power.


The LDX 86 WorldCam Series camera brings the ability to upgrade directly to 4K UHD as well as 3X HD or 6X HD/3X 3G, and then to all LDX 86 Series formats, including 15 F-stops of high dynamic range (HDR) in single-speed operation. All format upgrades are available on a 1-day, 7-day or perpetual basis.


To meet Faber’s requirements for more complex signal processing and distribution solutions, the Densité 3+ FR4 Frame offers the highest density processing power of any frame currently available, with the ability to process simultaneously SDI and IP 4K, 3G, HD, SD, and analog video, as well as AES and analog audio, while retaining backwards compatibility with all Densité modules.


Jan-Pieter van Welsem, vice president sales and marketing, EMEA, Grass Valley, reveals: “When working with Faber it became clear that there were two integral parts which were pertinent for their new fly-away kits. First is the upgradability of the LDX 86 Series camera along with the modular architecture of the new K-Frame V-series, which will enable Faber to grow and adapt with their business needs. The V-series modularity provides the ability to support IP in the future without upgrading the whole frame. Second, it became apparent that our new V-series outperformed the competition, enabling the next phase of evolution whilst maximizing operational cost savings.”

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