Facilis to provide shared storage solution to Icon Fitness

Icon Fitness uses Facilis to improve its workflow

Icon Fitness, manufacturer of exercise equipment, has trusted in Facilis’s shared storage service to improve its collaborative editing workflow. The marketing division of the brand has just purchased a new 192TB 24EX system. Ryan Humpherys, head of post-production at Icon Fitness marketing department, explained the decision: “We recently hired a post manager for all the iFit content since it is such a growing part of our business. We go all over the world and film trainers coaching from many different locations and environments. The video coach might tell you that he or she is going to increase the incline or change the speed and we program the equipment to respond in perfect sync with the video which makes for a very immersive workout experience”.

It’s not the first experience of Icon Fitness with Facilis. Back in 2012, the company got a 40TB system that has been periodically updated to fit to the team collaborative workflow, which frequently includes up to 10 editors editing simultaneously. In 2018, Icon acquired a TerraBlock 24EX with two TX16 expansion chassis for a total of 310TB in order to handle their content creation demand. Nowadays, all stations are connected through 8 GB Fibre Channel to the storage network for the required performance.

Icon Fitness uses software such as the Adobe CC suite or DaVinci Resolve. They usually shoot on ARRI Alexa Mini at 4K or on Red cameras at 5K or 6K. According to Humpherys, “We’re able to edit the footage natively, without transcoding or making proxies on the Facilis system, which saves lots of time. With 8GB Fibre Channel connections to each workstation, we get about 500MB/sec on each workstation, it’s like having an internal SSD. When we’re pushing around 4 or 6K content, it makes it really seamless to edit, move around the timeline, and copy files. We have multiple editors working at the same time and we’ve never run into a bottleneck”.

Icon Fitness has announced its willingness to keep trusting Facilis for its equipment in the future.

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